Talking with Life Coach and Founder of the #Ambitionista Success Club, Mira Joleigh

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It’s Monday again – the day that we so awfully dread because we know that we’ll fall back into our 9-5 routines.

How many of us are doing what we really love to do?

You’re not happy. You want to leave your job, but don’t know where to begin.

Change is a word that many of us fear, but a few changes can prove to produce life-changing results.

Thanks to Life Coach and Founder of the #Ambitionista Success Club, Mira Joleigh, we can now kiss our fears of a quarter-life crisis good-bye. With her help and the help of the #Ambitionista community, women from all parts of the world can join together to network, encourage and celebrate their successes.

Having tackled a quarter-life crisis, herself, Mira now coaches other ambitious women to help them to succeed.

Mira shares her insight behind the vision of #Ambitionista, the advantages of having a life coach, finding your passion, and more…

Q: What is #Ambitionista?

Mira Joleigh: I define an ‘Ambitionista’ as an ambitious woman driven to succeed in her career or business. The women in our community range between ages 25-35 and many have decided to wait to marry and have kids until they’ve ‘made it’ professionally. #Ambitionista is the hashtag that brings all of our community’s activities together.

Q: What motivated you to start the #Ambitionista Success Club?

MJ: As a life coach who specializes in working with young ambitious women, I know that at least 50% of our success is determined by the people we surround ourselves with.

I look back to my mid 20s and remember how lonely I felt. It was hard to find equally ambitious women MY AGE for friendship and support. I would go to chamber of commerce events and be surrounded by men and older professionals. Even if I did find some of my peers, it was difficult to make time to hang out.

The #Ambitionista Success Club was born of my vision to create the network of peers I always wished I had. Our community gathers every Monday for Twitter chats and Mastermind Calls where we celebrate our successes and support each other.

Q: How did you reach your quarter-life crisis?

MJ: My quarter life crisis hit me hard around age 26. After studying business and marketing in college, I took the corporate route. It was okay at first, but within a few years, I found myself feeling lost and unfulfilled – wondering “Is this all there is?”

I was an excellent sales executive and a gifted marketer, however, I had not found the specific industry I wanted to devote my career to just yet. Eventually I realized that I wanted to start my own business, but without the clarity and direction I needed, I continued to flounder.

Around that time, I was also suffering through the typical bad relationship decisions that many of us make in our 20s. And on top of that, I was living in a gloomy Portland climate, so I found myself depressed and isolated.

After a year of trying to do it alone, I finally started seeing a counselor to improve my mental health.

Q: How did your life change when you started seeing a life coach?

MJ: After a year of productive counseling and lots of personal growth seminars, I decided to hire my first life coach. I had learned a lot about myself and I was ready to get back in action and start moving forward. I got clear about my passion. I set big goals and made an action plan for how to reach them. I moved across the country. I changed my social circles. Every area of my life improved.

Q: What are the benefits of a life coach?

MJ: In my case…

– Improved time management and productivity

– Increased confidence and self-love

– I gave my personal brand a makeover

– I became a better networker and influencer

– I transitioned to a career I’m passionate about

– I started making more money

Q: What advice would you give to anybody that is trying to find their passion right now?

MJ: Finding your passion means discovering the sweet spot between what you LOVE to do (and you’re naturally good at) with what you can get PAID to do. And then building your resume or business skills to match. A great place to start is by completing a Meyers-Briggs assessment. This will tell you how your personality factors into your ideal work environment and what other people who share your personality are doing with their career.

I offer three career clarity worksheets on my website that will be a big help if you’re just getting started.

Q: What advice would you give to anybody that wants to be in a healthy & loving relationship?

MJ: Relationships are complicated, aren’t they? The more you grow and develop your self-awareness, the healthier your relationships will become.

Consider seeing a counselor to better understand your childhood and your past. Work with them to learn how your parents or guardians modeled relationships for you. How has this shaped your own behavior in relationships? Few of us escape youth without a few emotional bruises. You owe it to yourself to heal those areas so that you can approach your relationships from a healthy place.

Q: What is your definition of success?

MJ: For me, success means waking up every morning excited about the day ahead. It means being grateful for every experience and being at peace no matter the obstacles or challenges I face. Success means having the time freedom and financial means to live the lifestyle I desire. Success means having rich and meaningful relationships. Success means giving back.

Q: Any last words?

MJ: Don’t be afraid to ask for help along your journey. Whether that be a friend, a mentor, a counselor or a life coach… there’s no sense struggling alone. Your real life CAN match the ideal life you’ve envisioned. Step up, babe.


Mira Joleigh can be found on Twitter @MiraJoleigh and interacting daily with the #Ambitionista community in their private facebook group. Please join us!


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